Atlas Orthogonal

A technique that Dr. Aaron utilizes on patients that do not respond to traditional methods is Atlas Orthogonal. This technique utilizes an instrument that directs force into the cervical spine.

The cervical spine x-rays are reviewed and a specific adjustment force is determined. Patients who do not want manipulation or have not responded in the past should consider this treatment.

If this treatment worked for you in the past, Dr. Aaron can work with your previous providers to formulate a treatment protocol.



Traction, also called decompression, is a safe tool used by Dr. Aaron to address both low back and neck complaints.

By using a mechanical table that regulates the duration of the treatment as well as the force of the traction, Dr. Aaron can provide therapy in a manner to treat the pain and inflammation that arises from the spine.

If you have been diagnosed with disc disease, osteoarthritis or just have pain in your spine that is not responding to other methods please give us a call and schedule an evaluation.

At Advanced Spine, care we routinely bill insurance companies for this treatment, and we are able to verify coverage in advance. If you have a question about coverage.