Conditions treated

Dr. Aaron uses a combination of massage, traction/decompression, mobilization and rehabilitation to address both acute and chronic conditions that are musculoskeletal in nature.  He treats pains that have bony or muscular origin such as headaches that seem to arise out of the neck joints and musculature, painful shoulders that are stiff and creaky or low back pain that does not seem to ever go away.   If it is necessary to work with other physicians or therapists he as a network at the ready. 



Traction also called decompression is a safe tool used by Advanced Spine Care to address both low back and neck complaints. By using a mechanical table that regulates the duration of the treatment as well as the force of the traction Dr. Aaron can provide therapy in a manner to treat the pain and inflammation that arises from painful spine conditions. 


Dr. Aaron utilizes, soft tissue therapies, including massage, stretching, joint mobilization and therapeutic exercises to address painful spinal conditions.